Fulfillment Fundamentals supports students and families pursuing higher education. Programming empowers individuals and provides critical knowledge and resources for college access and matriculation.


Fulfillment Fundamentals provides essential services to guide students and families through post-secondary preparation.

These virtual and in-person services include:

  • College Access Lessons
  • 1:1 College Counseling
  • Financial Aid Advisement
  • Parent Programming


FFLV staff provide Fulfillment Fundamentals programming through partnerships at the following CCSD Locations:

Canyon Springs High School
CCSD Family Support Center
Central Technical Training Academy
Eldorado High School
Global Community High School
Legacy High School
Sunrise High School
Valley High School
Western High School


Susy Ruiz
Program Manager

Tasean Young
School Partnerships Coordinator

Adriana Hernandez
College Counselor

Jessica Cole
College Counselor

Nicole Lightell
College Counselor

Contact the Fulfillment Fundamentals team!

Email outreach@fulfillmentlv.org or schedule a meeting with one of our team members via Calendly.

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