Experiential Learning

Together with our College Access Program and college counseling, experiential learning opportunities are offered to all Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas students. These unique, educational and experiential opportunities allow our advisors and counselors to expose students to college campus environments, learning experiences, and community services opportunities that they might otherwise go without.

By using these opportunities to broaden students’ perspective of higher education, students can purposefully engage with faculty and staff in shared experience, allowing them to reflect, analyze and apply the knowledge gained to develop skills. Students can then apply these skills and greater understanding to their continuing education.

Experiential Learning Opportunities:

  • College Fairs
  • In-state and Out-of-state College Tours
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Individualized College Tours

Students participating in these events are able to grow their base of knowledge when it comes to graduating high school, attending college and getting involved in their communities.

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