Parent Program

Family involvement is a crucial factor in a students’ success. That being said, parents are often unaware of where to turn for answers to questions about their student’s plans for continuing their education. By providing consistent support to families, Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas is able to lessen the confusion about applying, affording, and attending college. Bi-lingual group seminars are held for families at our partner schools to discuss college related topics such as:

  • High school graduation requirements
  • Applying for financial aid using FAFSA
  • Applying for scholarships
  • In-state and out-of-state college acceptance requirements

The need for this support doesn’t end after students graduate high school. Navigating the college landscape can be a difficult path for families as well. Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas continues to offer support to parents and families through group program seminars and one-on-one assistance when requested.

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