Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas is a result-driven organization. We use pre and post-assessments to gather both quantitative and qualitative data from our students to achieve specific and meaningful learning outcomes. Attendance is taken at each of our FFLV events and workshops and we use surveys to gain feedback to tailor future events to the needs of our students and their families. We are undergoing a complete revamping of our data tools to better serve our students in a real time capacity. This will focus our talented team to serve students and their families where they need us and when they need us. The strongest gauge of our success will be the college graduation rate of our first cohort, which will be available in two years.

Common themes that are derived from our student post-assessments are as follows:

  • I had no idea where I was going or the realities of leaving. The FFLV team helped me visit the campuses and see my options well as taught me not to limit myself.
  • If not for the Fulfillment Fund, there would be little to no college talk happening on campus.
  • The Fulfillment Fund understands, even if your situation is not like anyone else. I never felt ridiculed. I am thankful for them.

In addition, to hear from the first graduating class of seniors see video

These outcomes wouldn’t be possible without the support of organizations who share our belief that a student’s future should never be dictated by circumstances or zip-code.

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