College Readiness

College after high school is a common path for many students. What’s key is that students plan and prepare at every grade level during high school to facilitate the college-going process.

In 2017, 2.9 million students graduated from high school, and 1.9 million (67%) enrolled in college that fall…

Beginning in the 9th grade…

Students can explore their interests by participating in extracurricular activities at their high school or within their community. This includes activities such as sports, clubs, volunteer and work opportunities. Moving forward, students must prioritize earning the highest GPA possible.

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During 10th grade…

Students can build upon their interests and identify majors and careers that align with what they enjoy doing most. In addition, students must begin preparing for the ACT or SAT by studying and taking practice exams.

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Now in 11th grade…

Students must focus on narrowing down their list of colleges and universities to prepare for the application process. Moreover, students will need to take the ACT which is a graduation requirement for Clark County School District.

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Finally, in 12th grade…

Students must apply for admissions and financial aid. Students must also decide which institution to attend based on their acceptances and financial aid awards. The next step is to successfully matriculate into the college of their choice.

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