Sophomore Year

Sophomore year in high school is about building on the habits introduced during freshman year while learning about the requirements set forth by colleges.

Here are key aspects to focus on during sophomore year:

After working on being more self-aware and exploring interests, students may start conceptualizing their future plans and forming goals. This is the perfect time to hash out ideas to identify concrete steps needed to accomplish these goals. Here is a step-by-step guide to mapping out goals.

It is critical that students remain involved in extracurricular activities to learn about themselves and gain essential soft skills that result from these social interactions. In addition, involvement in extracurricular activities can increase a student’s chances of getting admitted to a competitive college as it shows they are well-rounded.

For students in Nevada, sophomore year is a good time to start exploring in-state options for a higher education. This includes reviewing the admission requirements for institutions that are part of the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE). Students will also want to start identifying the admission requirements for other institutions they want to attend.

There are two well-known college entrance exams most students will take during high school, the SAT and ACT. Students at the Clark County School District are required to take the ACT exam during junior year to earn their high school diploma. It is important to do well on the exam because high-achieving test scores can result in admissions to a competitive institution in addition to scholarship awards. Students in the 10th grade are encouraged to prepare for the ACT by taking a practice exam and studying.

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