Junior Year

Junior year in high school will become heavily focused on preparing for college, if students choose to go down that route. There are a few steps students will have to take to be college-ready come senior year when it is time to apply.

Academic Progress

Junior year is pivotal in the college-going process as students will be applying to college based on their academic record up to junior year. That means students must continue earning the best grades to maintain a high GPA.

Careers & Majors

As students get closer to high school graduation, choosing a path for a career or major becomes more time sensitive. Students will want to take a closer look into their options to make a decision.

Personal Statement

It is highly recommended students start working on their personal statement junior year. A personal statement is an essay that shares about the student’s journey. It is needed if a student wants to apply to an institution with a holistic review process and scholarships.


Resumes are not just for job applicants. High school students applying to colleges, summer jobs and internships need resumes too. Junior year is the perfect time to start working on a well-written resume which is more than just a list of accomplishments.

Financial Aid

Students should prepare to apply for Financial Aid at the end of 11th grade as the FAFSA application opens October 1st of their senior year. This requires compiling tax documents for the previous year. The goal is to apply as soon as possible to get the most financial aid possible.

Application Process

The college application process starts fall semester of senior year. It behooves students to prepare in 11th grade by identifying deadlines and learning more about the review process. For example, holistic review applications will require more than a non-holistic review.

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