Freshman Year

Freshman year in high school is all about self-discovery. Students must use this time to get to know themselves and make a plan for their future.

Here are some areas students can focus on during freshman year:

Explore Interests

One way students can prepare for adulthood is by exploring their own interests. This will help identify potential career paths to take upon high school graduation; college being one of several options.

Get Involved

Another way to explore interests and career paths is by getting involved in extracurricular activities during high school. This may include joining a sport or club, performing volunteer work or gaining work experience.


For some students, it may be easier than others to understand their motivations and purpose in life. We recommend students be intentional about getting to know what drives them which starts with self-awareness.


An important skill for students to get ahead is to communicate their needs. Students must understand where they need support and reach out to the adults in their life for resources that will help them thrive.

Study Skills & Time Management

Students must work on ensuring their academic success by strengthening their study skills and time management. This will help students prepare to accomplish any task in the future.

Plan of Study

Starting in the ninth grade, students should work closely with a counselor to plan their high school course of study. Students will need to identify the type of diploma they want to earn while considering their plans upon graduation.

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