What Do I Need Before I Apply to College?

How to Apply to College

Before applying to college, you need to have a few documents in order. Colleges don’t know who you are yet, so they ask for these documents in order to understand you better. If you get these papers together, you’ll be well on your way to applying to college.

Here are the three main documents colleges ask for when you apply:

1. High School Transcript

A high school transcript will show a college how you performed academically in high school. The colleges you apply to will consider your high school grades when processing your application.

You can request your high school transcript by contacting your high school office by phone or email. Some high schools also offer an online service where you can request your transcript, or even ask that they to send it to a college you’re applying to.

You may also want to request your midyear grade report, especially if your recent grades are higher.

2. SAT or ACT Scores

Most colleges require applicants to take a test and report their scores. The most common ones are the SAT and ACT, which are standardized tests used for college admissions. In Nevada, all high school students are required to take the ACT.

Taking the ACT requires a registration fee and is held at designated locations. You can register at the ACT website and also request notifications by email or text about deadlines.

The easiest way to send your scores to a college is to log in to your ACT account and click on “Send Your Scores.” Search for the appropriate college and send the scores electronically.

3. Letters of Recommendation

Colleges frequently ask for letters of recommendation. These are letters written by others who think highly of you. It may be scary, but there’s only one way to get letters of recommendation: you have to ask people.

Start by writing a list of teachers, coaches, counselors, mentors, and bosses who would be willing to write a letter about you. Once you have a list, reach out to them. Explain that you’re applying to college and you would be grateful if they wrote a letter of recommendation.

There are a few ways to submit letters of recommendation, but a simple way is to check your college’s website. They commonly have a section where visitors can upload a letter of recommendation electronically or send one in by email. This responsibility is usually left to whoever is writing the letter of recommendation.

Don’t Give Up

Getting ready for college can be challenging, but don’t give up. Everyone has the potential to get accepted. And while the road may be difficult, the reward of a college degree will be worth it.

Are you ready to apply to college?