Ways to Stay Involved During Social Distancing

COVID-19 has had an impact on everyone, but as a high school student, you may be feeling the impact more than most. Nevada’s stay-at-home orders can make it difficult to connect with your school, peers, and study groups during a time you would otherwise spend preparing for college and collecting life experiences. Fortunately, there are ways to stay connected even during quarantine. In this guide, we’ll help you brainstorm ways to stay involved during social distancing while continuing to prepare for life after social distancing.

FFLV Stay Involved Social Distancing

Take Advantage of Free Video Chat Apps

One major advantage we have over those who’ve had to quarantine in the past comes from video chat applications that make it easy to see other people when you can’t meet them in person. Many video chat apps are free, allowing you to have face-to-face time with your peers and even your teachers. Some of the best free video chat options include:

Zoom: This app can be downloaded on either your phone or your computer and allows you to video chat with multiple people at the same time.

Marco-Polo: This phone app is great for staying connected with friends throughout the day. It combines the flexibility of texting with the 1:1 connection of video chat.

Facebook Messenger: Anyone with a Facebook account can take advantage of their free video chat features.

Video chats allow you to see your friends, just like you would at school, without running the risk of infecting yourself and others. You can catch up with your friends and even have study parties in a completely virtual setting.

Plan Virtual Group Activities

Just because you can’t meet with your school groups face to face doesn’t mean you can’t participate in group activities. With a little creativity, you and your group can find ways to enjoy your normal activities without being physically together. Some ideas to get you started include:

Have a Movie Night: Pick a movie that you can all watch together and start it at the same time. There are even apps that will allow you to stream movies simultaneously. You can text your reactions and commentary back and forth, allowing you to “talk” during the movie without ruining anyone’s viewing experience.

Study Together Apart: Studying for a school exam or working on an essay? Pick some partners. You can virtually quiz each other while studying, use apps to create and share online flashcards, and even use Google Docs to share and peer review each others’ essays.

Have a Virtual Cook-Off: Cook together and film the results for a Nailed-It style online cooking competition with your friends.

The Opportunity of Social Distancing

In every struggle, there is an opportunity. Social distancing means taking time away from hanging out with your friends and taking part in normal high school activities. However, it can also be a good time to focus on your studies, get ahead on college essays, and research universities and scholarships.

Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas is still running, even during these hard times, and we can help you access lessons and opportunities during your quarantine. By staying driven now, you can get ahead of the game, allowing you to focus even more on friends and fun when things get back to normal.