The Matriculation Process

Once a student has been admitted to an institution, there are a few steps to follow for successful matriculation into college.

First, students must activate their student account and accept their admission.

This usually requires an institutional email address to access the student portal.

Next, students should research fee and registration deadlines.

Some institutions may require a fee payment to register for courses early. Students living on campus will need to pay a deposit to secure housing.

Students will also need to submit official documentation.

This includes official high school transcript, official ACT/SAT test scores, and immunization records.

In addition to registering for courses, students should plan on attending orientation events.

This is key for first-year students to become familiar with their campus and the resources available.

Lastly, students will want to participate in summer bridge or early start programs to ensure their success.

Numerous institutions now require an introductory course for freshman students to provide additional support. Check out what your institution has to offer first-year students.

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