Lesson Seven: Transitioning into College

Lesson Summary and Objectives

Lesson seven highlights the importance of establishing realistic expectations and the benefits of exercising time management as a college student. This lesson also covers how you can get the most out of your college experience by participating in class and prioritizing your health and wellness.

Objective One

Teach students time management skills and strategies to help them transition into college.

Objective Two

Encourage students to participate in class and join campus clubs and organizations.

Objective Three

Highlight the importance of holistic health as a college student.

Before you get started…

Transitioning into College

Transitioning from high school into college can be a big change for students as they embark on their post-secondary journey, with many moving away from family and friends for the first time.

For those stressing over this new life chapter and today’s uncertainties, there are ways to prepare before starting those first classes. From researching academic support to developing strong interpersonal skills.

The following tips can help incoming freshmen get organized and build a foundation for college success:
  • Read as much as possible – start getting used to reading more books in college than you currently read in high school!
  • Research possible college majors – connect with academic advising for help and guidance.
  • Polish social, people and soft skills – take advantage of meeting new people on campus.
  • Embrace time-management tools – utilize planners and digital tools to keep you organized.
  • Weigh getting a job freshman year – decide if getting a job will help you pay for college.
  • Keep in touch with the financial aid office – stay updated with the latest news by visiting the Federal Student Aid website.
  • Know how to stay safe on campus – become familiar with campus safety resources.
  • Contact professors before classes start – introduce yourself in a respectful manner via email.
  • Make the most of orientation activities – participate and ask plenty of questions!
  • Research ways to get involved – find clubs and organizations aligned with your interests and talents.
  • Know where to go for academic help – use campus resources and office hours as necessary.

Time Management

As a college student, time management is crucial for balancing all responsibilities that come with pursuing a higher education. It helps by reducing many of the challenges college students experience such as stress and anxiety, and fear of failure.

Time management also prepares students to complete their schoolwork at a level that is above average, which then helps to increase confidence.

Since there are only 24 hours in a day, it is helpful to learn and track how you utilize every hour in each day. On average where do you spend your time each day?

Complete the following worksheet to calculate how you spend your time and figure out whether you are prioritizing what is most important to you. This worksheet will also give you the opportunity to create your ideal schedule.

Time Management Worksheet

Once Complete…

For support with transitioning into college, contact outreach@fulfillmentlv.org.

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