Lesson Four: CCSD and NSHE Requirements

Lesson Summary and Objectives

Lesson four introduces you to the three main high school diplomas you can work towards as a student in the Clark County School District (CCSD); as well as the ACT exam you are required to take during your junior year. We will also review the requirements of the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) if you are interested in pursuing a higher education at a state college or university.

Objective One

Introduce students to the three main types of high school diplomas they may choose to pursue and the requirements for each: standard diploma, advanced diploma, and advanced honors diploma.

Objective Two

Educate students on the required ACT and why it’s relevant to their future education.

Objective Three

· Provide students with NSHE admission requirements for all public institutions so they know what is required to pursue a higher degree in Nevada.

Before you get started…

CCSD Requirements

Whether you are starting high school or getting close to graduation, it’s important to know that you have options for the type of high school diploma you can earn.

The three main high school diplomas at CCSD are:

  • Standard Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma
  • Honors Advanced Diploma
College and Career-Ready Endorsements

Students wishing to receive a college-ready endorsement must receive the minimum score on the ACT with Writing as prescribed by the Nevada State Board of Education.

Students wishing to receive a career-ready endorsement must earn a minimum score on a State Approved career-readiness assessment AND one of the following:

  • Satisfy the requirements for the issuance of a State Certificate of Skill Attainment.
  • Obtain an industry-recognized credential identified by the Governor’s Office of Workforce Innovation for a New Nevada

Complete the CCSD High School Diploma worksheet to identify which track you are on.


The ACT (American College Testing) Exam is a standardized test that measures your skills in the following five areas: English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing (optional).

CCSD students are required to take the ACT during spring semester of their junior year, free-of-charge. Students may retake the ACT as many times as necessary before high school graduation. Keep in mind that fee waivers are available through your high school or college counselor.

Why ACT scores matter:

  • It is required to graduate from a CCSD high school, while certain scores are need for diploma endorsements.
  • Institutions use scores to place you in English and Math courses. Low scores can result in remedial courses.
  • May help students receive scholarships to pay for school if you receive a high enough score

NSHE Requirements

After watching the video, review the admission requirements for public colleges and universities in Nevada and consider your options for attending college in state.

Next, consider the out-of-state college options you are most interested in and compare what works best for you.

Once Complete…

For support with CCSD and NSHE Requirements, contact outreach@fulfillmentlv.org.

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