How to Celebrate 2020 Graduation During COVID-19

How to have a socially distanced graduation 2020

Graduating from high school is a big deal! You’ve probably had dreams of walking across the stage and parties with your friends and family to celebrate. Unfortunately, those plans were crushed for 2020 graduates as the COVID-19 pandemic canceled graduation celebrations around the world. 

You can still celebrate your graduation even though you can’t throw your cap with your friends or have a party! Here are a few ways to celebrate this milestone while keeping a safe social distance. 

Have a virtual video party

Were your family members planning to come in town to see you walk across the stage? Put together a video party where you can be celebrated and have a good time. If these family members sent gifts in the mail or helped you get to graduation, then make sure you take this time to thank them for their help. Graduation is all about your accomplishment, but it’s nice to acknowledge the people who helped you get there. 

Get dressed up and wear your cap and gown if you want! Why not? You only graduate high school once, so you get to choose how you celebrate. 

Have a mini phone photoshoot 

Yeah, you can’t take pictures at your graduation ceremony with your friends, but you should still document this time. Even if it’s just for Instagram to see! 

Put on your cap and gown, head to a park or to a spot that is meaningful for you, and have a family member or friend snap some pictures on their phone. You can get quality shots on phones these days, and they’re perfect to share with grandparents, parents/guardians, and friends. Go all out! 

Thank your teachers

One of the high points of graduation is being able to hug, thank, and celebrate with the teachers who helped get you to this point. A quick email to say thanks is a great way to cap off your high school years. Your teachers are probably disappointed they don’t get to celebrate with you as well, so sending them a note is a good way to let them know they made a difference in your life. 

The same goes for any tutors, aids, and mentors who helped push you toward graduation. A nice note is always a good idea. 

Get together for a social distanced hangout with friends

Friends are a high part of high school for most students. You might feel like you missed out on some good memories with your friends. It’s not too late to make more memories, though!

Parks are opening back up in most areas. Get together with friends to have fun and wrap up your high school years. Just be sure to keep a safe social distance and follow your city’s guidelines.

This is your day! Make it what you want. 

Spend the day with your immediate family if that’s what will make you feel special. Or if you want, then get friends and family on a group video call and make it a big celebration. You get to choose how the day goes. 

It’s okay to mourn the experiences you missed because of COVID-19. Try to make your high school graduation special and it can still be an experience you enjoy and remember.