Lesson One: Post-Secondary Options

Lesson Summary and Objectives

As you get closer to entering the “real world” there are many paths to take upon high school graduation. This lesson will cover five pathways to consider and activities to help determine what motivates you, your strengths and which path might be the best one for you!

  • Pursuing a higher degree at a college or university
  • Entering the workforce
  • Joining the military
  • Trade schools and apprenticeship programs
  • Entrepreneurship
Objective One

Introduce students to the unique opportunities and benefits offered by five post-secondary options.

Objective Two

Help students determine the best path for after high school graduation based on personal motivations, future goals and strengths.

Objective Three

Empower students with helpful resources and access to FFLV College Counselors to further explore the post-secondary options.

Before you get started…

Pursuing a Higher Degree at a College or University

Entering the Workforce

Joining the Military

Trade Schools and Apprenticeships


After watching the video series, tell us about the post-secondary options you are considering. For some students, this question may not be easy. In fact, it requires self-reflection on what motivates you.

Once complete…

Resources on Post-Secondary Options

For support with exploring post-secondary options, contact outreach@fulfillmentlv.org.

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