Student, Del Sol High School, Las Vegas

Right now I live with a poor family and expected to come to high school, and to get a job and drop out. I didn’t expect to finish high school. So then there was no point in finishing, because I was not going to college.

I knew that I never was going anywhere. And then the Fulfillment Fund came and started telling me that by trying hard and working, I could make it all the way up to college.

Right now I have two colleges in my head, and that is UNLV and Harvard. UNLV is for engineering and Harvard is for a law degree since I like arguing a lot.

The main thing about Fulfillment Fund it has taught me to change my whole entire program and what I do with my life. When I get home from sports I will study, I will look after my tests, and see what I’m doing with my day so the next day I’m prepared. It has changed my day-to-day life. So when I get to school I sit up and pay attention to the lesson and participate more, answer questions, and I work harder on my tests.

The Fulfillment Fund has given me a reason to come to school now and work as hard as I can.