Young Women's Leadership Retreat


Inspirational Young Women's Leadership Retreat helps students develop skills to help them thrive academically and personally.

New this school year, students had the opportunity to participate in a Young Women's Leadership Retreat on Saturday, November 4 at the Clark County Wetlands Park. The purpose of this event was to prepare and inspire young women to be effective leaders by developing skills to help them thrive academically and personally, all while having fun and building friendships with other young women.

The event kicked off with a presentation on building a network by Dr. Edith Fernández, Associate Vice President of Community Engagement and Diversity Initiatives at Nevada State College. Next, students heard from Erica Mosca, Founder and Executive Director of Leaders in Training, about building resilience and confidence. After that students engaged in an hour-long yoga session. Following lunch, students received a presentation on inner beauty by Ruby Ortega, our Scholarship Program Manager. The day wrapped up with a presentation on the Wetlands Park and a walk through one of the trails.

Here is what some girls had to say about their experience:

“My favorite activity was the yoga. It opens you up and lets all the bad out.” – Claudia, Chaparral High School

“The event as a whole was amazing, very empowering.” – Maria, Del Sol Academy

"My favorite part of the retreat was getting to do yoga. I love how it relaxed me and I ended up stretching muscles I never knew existed.” – Cynthia, Chaparral High School