Students Get an Inside Look into Being a Rebel


Over 60 students and parents attend Rebel Preview to learn more about the opportunities available at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

On Saturday, October 14, students and parents from Del Sol Academy and Chaparral High School joined Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas on a trip to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) to attend Rebel Preview.

During Rebel Preview students and parents had the opportunity to customize their day according to their interests. Workshops offered during the day covered topics including academics, college readiness, and student life on campus. Students and parents also had the option to take a tour of the campus and specific colleges. Moreover, high school seniors in attendance were able to apply for admissions and complete the FAFSA on the spot. As part of the Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas experience, students were able to hear from current FFLV scholars attending UNLV.

Here is what some of our students and parents had to say about their experience:

“I enjoyed being able to get a tour of the UNLV campus and the dorms. I now have new knowledge of what UNLV has to offer." - Shady Lin, Chaparral High School, class of 2018

“This event is wonderful. It gives students an actual college experience by navigating campus and finding classes so they get an idea of what to expect.” - Virgie, Del Sol Academy Parent

“[Favorite activity was] learning more about my major and how to succeed when I get to college.” – Ayanna, Del Sol Academy, class of 2018

“It was a fun and very interactive experience that taught me about college life.” – Michael, Chaparral High School, class of 2019

“[After Rebel Preview] I felt a stronger connection to the college that my daughter will be attending.” – Sandy, Chaparral High School Parent

Rebel Preview - Fall 2017