Meet Our Newest Staff Members


Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas hires a Director of Programs and two College Access Program Advisors

As we enter the fourth year since Fulfillment Fund was introduced in Las Vegas, a Director of Programs and two College Access Program Advisors are added to the team. Get to know them below:

John Mitchell, Director of Programs

John joined Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas in July 2015. In his role as Director of Programs, John will primarily focus on leading the day-to-day operations of the program teams, and will play a key role in the organization’s staff development and programmatic growth while supporting fundraising, and partnership development.
Previously, John worked at the Fulfillment Fund in Los Angeles as Director of Counseling and Scholarships since 2008. During this time, John supervised a team of two Associate Directors, three College Counselors one Transfer Counselor and one Scholarship Program Manager. Under John’s leadership, in the 2012-13 academic year the Fulfillment Fund provided 2,232 one-one-one college and financial aid counseling sessions, dispersed $371,250 in direct scholarships and stipends, and negotiated $3.8 million in financial aid packages.
John began his professional career at Bucknell University as a Program Coordinator in the Office of Student Life. He then worked at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) as a Resident Director and later as a Senior Admissions Counselor and Pre-Enrollment Advocate in the Office of Admissions.  Before coming to the Fulfillment Fund, John was the Dean of Admissions and College Counselor for STAR Prep Academy in Culver City, California. 
John’s mission for our youth is to be able to affect change and provide equal access to higher education. He has had the privilege to focus his efforts in encouraging underrepresented students to apply to and enroll in highly competitive colleges and universities throughout the country.
He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Administration of Justice, then continued to receive his Master’s of Education degree in Counselor Education, all from the Pennsylvania State University.

Greg Ross, College Access Program

Greg Ross joined the Fulfillment Fund in August 2015. As College Access Program Advisor, Greg has the esteemed privilege of shaping the brightest minds Southern Nevada has to offer.  He helps freshman, sophomores and juniors reach goals they once believed were unattainable by challenging their perspectives through electrifying in-class presentations and dynamic one-on-one success coaching. 

Prior to joining the Fulfillment Fund, Greg served as a College Enrollment Counselor for Nevada State College, where he met with students to facilitate college and financial planning workshops, one-on-one and group sessions, SAT/ACT preparation, and college tours to expose student to the many facets of the undergraduate experience.

Greg is a native of Las Vegas, and received a B.A. in Business Administration from Nevada State College.

Turhan Davis, College Access Program Advisor

Turhan Davis joined Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas in August of 2015 as a College Access Program Advisor. In his vocation as a CAP Advisor, he provides individual college readiness counseling and interactive college preparation curriculum to help students accomplish their educational goals and aspirations.

Turhan brings a wealth of experience from his work in the private and public sector. He is an Alumni of UC Santa Barbara and has been privileged to served people with disabilities as an Owner/Licensee of Residential Care Facilities. His passion for the betterment of humanity fuels his desire to, and work with, homeless populations, K-12 education, and underserved communities.

As an advocate and dedicated servant to many non-profit platforms, Turhan is a committed volunteer to “The March of Dimes, American Cancer Society, Alpha’s Go to High School Go to College Program, Giving 365, The T. Davis Foundation” and countless others. He truly feels he is “Blessed simply to be a Blessing”.