Meeting Student Needs


At the end of October, 40 Fulfillment Fund students will have the opportunity to explore five universities in Los Angeles, CA. This trip is one of two new overnight college trips being offered this school year along with several other resources outside of our College Access Program curriculum.

Now in its third year in Las Vegas, the Fulfillment Fund continues to develop its resources in an effort to meet student needs that will ultimately help them become competitive college applicants.

Last year, for example, a tutoring program was created after recognizing a student need for academic assistance. Students were given the opportunity to receive tutoring in core subjects such as Math, Science, English, and History.

Community service is another initiative that began last school year as well. Students learned about the importance of giving back to their community while engaging in activities that have a positive impact on their college application.

After receiving positive feedback from students about the tutoring program and community service opportunities offered, we will continue to provide these resources throughout the entire 2014-15 academic school year.

This school year students will have the opportunity to explore colleges and universities in Los Angeles and Arizona. Additionally, students with a junior class standing have the opportunity to earn a scholarship to visit the University of Nevada, Reno through the Nevada Bound program.

Furthermore, Princeton Review SAT workshops will be offered in the spring to our students who are in the 11th grade. These workshops will include extensive overview on the central concepts in the SAT as well as helpful test-taking methods.  

At Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas our goal and objective is to help students make their dreams of obtaining a higher education a reality. Through our College Access Program, experiential learning opportunities and supporting initiatives we are working toward meeting our student needs.