Extending College Preparation Beyond Fulfillment Fund Services


First-generation college students need more than academic preparation to be ready for college. Fulfillment Fund strives to fill the gap between students and the resources available that will help them obtain their goal of achieving a higher education.


Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas is designed to show young people the steps to take to access a college education, and change their beliefs about what they are capable of achieving regardless of their situation.

An integral way we successfully complete our mission is by introducing students to opportunities that will help them achieve their dream of obtaining a higher education.

Most recently, a representative from QuestBridge spoke to our students about their services, which helps low-income students gain admission and scholarships to some of the country's best colleges and universities.

Similarly, a representative from Choate Rosemary Hall, a private college-preparatory boarding school, presented our students with summer program opportunities that could help them further become competitive college applicants.

Programs offered by QuestBridge and Choate Rosemary Hall can be highly beneficial for any student looking to gain a higher education. However, students growing up in economically and educationally underresourced communities are less likely to hear about these programs.

At Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas we strive to fill the gap between our students and the college prepartion resources available. Each school year we invite organizations that provide college preparation services beyond what we have to offer. These presentations open our students' eyes to numerous opportunities outside of our program.

After receiving presentations from QuestBridge and Choate Rosemary Hall, many students showed interest in taking part of their programs. Currently, we have students applying to the LEDA Scholars Program, the summer programs offered at Choate Rosemary Hall and QuestBridge.